Unforgettable travel experiences are in the details.

Planning well optimized travel itineraries is extremely time consuming and requires specific knowledge. As a European travel consultant, I specialize in guiding travelers through specific logistical issues as well address general concerns. So, whether it’s deciding which sites to prioritize, how to choose the ideal location to spend the night, or if it’s optimizing the flow and timeline of your itinerary, I will provide my experience and knowledge to help make your vacation great.

I will also make suggestions on things you may not have considered yet. For instance, according to your personal travel preferences, which direction would be most ideal for cruising the Rhine River – North or South? (Trust me, there are some key differences!) And, of the many options, which is the best way to visit the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel?

Rather than leaving things to chance, I’m here to get to know your interests, travel style and preferences. Montage Travel offers three different services all designed to help you experience the European vacation you’ve always dreamed of.

What can I see and Do in Europe?
About Montage Travel

Travel Consulting

Unlimited travel advice to help you plan your own itinerary. One-on-one travel consulting on everything you need from where to stay, what to see and do, how to get around, and more.

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Your personalized travel itinerary crafted to your interests, style and travel pace. Fully optimized and easily referenced on-the-go with your mobile device (via our app) or printed itinerary.

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Tour & Cruise

Interested in a guided tour or cruise in Europe but don’t know which to choose? I will cut through the clutter and match you with one that best fits your style and preferences.

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Why Choose Montage Travel?

I’m personally committed. Matching travelers with their dream trip is my passion!

Your Vacation, Your Way

There is no one-size-fits-all itinerary. As each person is unique and so should be your vacation! I craft itineraries that are designed around your interests and travel pace to ensure you experience the vacation you always dreamed of.

Sample Itinerary

Experienced Travel Itinerary Planner

As an European travel specialist, I bring to the table something that can’t be ‘Googled’ – experience based on 10 years of building custom itineraries plus a lifetime of research and obsession for European destinations!

Invaluable Local Knowledge

Thanks to my network of local experts (more than that – friends!), I make sure your itinerary is up to date with the latest information – from local trends and top attractions to the undercurrents and hidden gems of a city.

Save Valuable Time

Did you know that the average traveler visits 38 websites and spends over 40 hours researching their next trip? While it can be fun (it is to me!), it’s a time consuming process and you may still be worried you missed something. Why risk it?

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