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Americans Can Now Travel to Greece, Iceland, and Croatia

As we get closer to the summer travel season, some European countries have loosened border restrictions for tourists. 

As of April 19th, 2021, it has been announced that Americans can now travel to Greece, Iceland, and Croatia for tourism and without quarantine. Iceland and Croatia are already welcoming tourists and Greece’s border opens on May 14th. Representatives from France and Italy have also indicated that they are trying to reopen borders to Americans this summer. More may soon follow. 

Read on for additional information about traveling to the three open countries.

*Please note that these requirements are subject to change at any time and without notice.

**When returning to the United States, all airline passengers aged two years and older must provide a negative COVID-19 viral test taken within three calendar days of travel. Alternatively, travelers to the U.S. may provide documentation from a licensed health care provider of having recovered from COVID-19 in the 90 days preceding travel. There are no exceptions for vaccinated travelers.


Monastiraki Square and Ancient Acropolis in Athens, Greece
Monastiraki Square and Ancient Acropolis in Athens, Greece.

Requirements for Border Entry

Effective May 14th, 2021:

  • All travelers over the age of five must present a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours of arrival 
  • Show proof of a completed COVID-19 vaccination at least 14 days prior to arrival in Greece (no PCR test required)
  • All visitors are subject to a random COVID test upon arrival (free of charge)
  • All visitors must complete the online Passenger Locator Form (PLF) at least 48 hours before entering Greece

While Traveling in Greece

  • Visitors are expected to comply with local laws and regulations regarding mask-wearing, social distancing, and curfews.
  • Visitors are under the same movement restrictions as residents, which, among other things, currently means you must stay in the same region except for essential reasons (ie. medical, business).

For more information and details: https://gr.usembassy.gov/covid-19-information/ 

Cassie’s Take: I wouldn’t plan a 2021 visit to Greece just yet. They are currently in a lockdown due to a surge in COVID infection rates and, in my opinion, the government has some logistics to figure out to determine how to safely resume tourism in the country.

The current movement restrictions are significant. To use popular destinations as an example, it means that you can visit just Athens (and Hydra, if you’d like a taste of the islands) or just Santorini and Mykonos. You wouldn’t be able to visit Athens and Santorini on the same trip (a popular combination!).

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Whether you’re traveling next month or next year, travel planning tips are always valuable.

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    Seljalandfoss Waterfall in South Coast region of Iceland
    Seljalandfoss Waterfall in Iceland’s South Coast region.

    Requirements for Border Entry

    As of April 6th, 2021:

    • Americans traveling to Iceland for non-essential reasons (tourism), must show proof of a completed COVID-19 vaccination at least 14 days prior to arrival in Greece OR a certificate of prior COVID-19 infection.
    • Those born in 2005 or later must test negative for COVID-19 at the border.
    • All visitors will need to take a COVID test upon arrival (free of charge) and must stay in their accommodations until the result is ready (in 5-24 hours). This requirement is temporary and will be reviewed before May 1st.
    • All visitors must complete the online Pre-registration Form 72 hours before entering Iceland

    For more information on entry requirements and to check for updates, visit: https://visit.covid.is/ 

    While Traveling in Iceland

    • Visitors are expected to comply with local laws and regulations regarding mask-wearing and social distancing.

    For practical information on social distancing measures:  https://www.covid.is/categories/effective-restrictions-on-gatherings 

    Itinerary Inspiration: A 7-Day self-drive itinerary in Iceland could include all the must-see sights in Reykjavik, along the Golden Circle, the Blue Lagoon, and the South Coast. Have 12 or more days to spend in Iceland? Consider driving the entire Ring Road (add about 5-6 days). Contact me to get your own point-to-point custom itinerary for Iceland.

    Cassie’s Take: Iceland is enjoying a low infection rate and most sights and attractions have reopened. If you’re fully vaccinated and looking to explore the great outdoors this summer, Iceland’s varied landscape is a compelling option!


    Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes National Park

    Requirements for Border Entry

    As of April 1st, 2021, Americans can enter via any one of these 4 methods:

    • A negative COVID-19 test result: PCR or rapid antigen test not older than 48 hours prior to arrival in Croatia. Notice that travelers that enter with a rapid antigen test – instead of a PCR test – and plan to stay 10 or more days must take another test test within ten days of the first.
    • A certificate of vaccination demonstrating a persons final dose of the COVID-19 vaccine was administered at least 14 days prior to arrival in Croatia.
    • Proof via a medical certificate showing that the traveler recovered from COVID-19 between 11-180 days of a positive test result.
    • Travelers may also get a PCR or rapid antigen test – at the traveler’s own expense – immediately upon arrival in Croatia. The traveler must self-isolate until a negative test result is received. If the traveler prefers not to test, they must stay in self-isolation for 10 days.


    • All visitors must show documentary evidence of accommodations paid in advance and in full prior to arrival
    • All visitors should complete the Enter Croatia form before arrival

    While Traveling in Croatia

    • Visitors are expected to comply with local laws and regulations regarding mask-wearing and social distancing.

    For more information and details: https://hr.usembassy.gov/covid-19-information-2/

    Cassie’s Take: Croatia is an attractive option with spectacular natural beauty. Options abound for a self-drive itinerary or for a small-ship island-hopping coastal cruise. My only concern is the requirement to show proof of having pre-paid accommodations. The border could close at any time and without notice.

    If you are considering any of these open destinations for a 2021 vacation, contact me to schedule your trip consultation call. We’ll review the latest border procedures and the different ways I can help you plan your (long postponed!) European vacation.


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