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In September 2017, my adult daughter and I spent 11 days traveling in Italy. Cassie Tetro of Montage Travel provided a perfect itinerary that was thorough and flowed incredibly well. We started with a few days in Rome, a day trip in Naples, a couple of days in Capri and almost a full week in the towns along the Amalfi Coast.
Cassie booked us on several day tours – all of which were recommended by her and excellent. Our favorite one was the full day private “gourmet tour” in the Campania region (near the Amalfi Coast). Our tour guide, Gaetano, took us to visit a family-run businesses such as a winery, a bakery, a prosciutto factory, and a pasta factory. We were able to spend time speaking with the proprietors and sampling their specialties in comfortable settings. We were treated like first class patrons, and spent the day being feted like royalty. Of course, we purchased wine, bread, prosciutto and pasta! It was all fabulous!

Other tours we enjoyed included one of the Vatican and Sistine Chapel before the museum opened (amazing!), another of the Colosseum (with exclusive access to the lower level), and independent touring maps and contextual guides for Pompeii and Ostia Antica.

Getting around throughout our trip was made easy thanks to Cassie’s tips and the pre-planning included on the itinerary. We used trains, private cars, taxis/uber, and ferries. Our itinerary included schedules, costs, and advice on different options we could choose from based on our pace. Having this information at our fingertips made it all stress-free.

One of my favorite parts of our 11 days was the 2 days we spent on the island of Capri. I told Cassie that my great grandmother emigrated from there and that there were stories about her playing on steps. I asked if she could find those steps. And while no one is alive to verify, Cassie located a staircase that goes from the top of Anacapri town down to the water. I stood at the top and imagined her on those steps and possibly having attended the churches nearby.

What I enjoyed most about this mother-daughter trip was that we had our independence the whole time. Which is something I hadn’t experienced when I’ve been on group tours since you’re on their schedule. This time had our own personalized tours most of the trip, traveled at our leisure, and had the flexibility to modify our day (Cassie built in options for us). We didn’t feel rushed to go to too many places day after day.

I highly recommend Cassie’s thoroughness and logistical acumen if you want to experience a tour your way!

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