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In September of 2014, I needed the getaway of all getaways. Cassie came to my rescue. She recommended a 10 day vacation in the French Loire River and Dordogne River Valleys. She described tours of chateaus, beautiful gardens, small towns, and prehistoric cave tours. It was exactly what I was looking for and I’m so glad I said ‘yes’. Cassie planned the whole thing, as I have a very busy work schedule. She took care of every detail; I didn’t have to worry one bit before or during my dream vacation. And believe me, it was a DREAM. I’ll never forget looking out at the Dordogne river valley, from the top of a centuries old castle, after having canoed my way into the town. It was a ‘pinch me’ moment that I will never forget. I will definitely work with Cassie for my future travel planning; she built a culturally rich, relaxing, and scenic vacation. And the best part was that she made all of this effortless for me. Thanks, Cassie!

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