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I had a business trip to Switzerland in February 2018. At the last minute, I decided to stay a few extra days to see the country. I’ve never been to Europe before and was completely overwhelmed and stressed. I reached out to Cassie to ask for help. I was expecting a few suggestions but she basically planned my whole trip for me, exceeding my exceptions greatly. Cassie was able to give me multiple options for where to go and what to see within a few hours of contacting her. She helped me pick out the hotels I stayed at, what attractions were in each town, and how to get to different locations. She even included how the trains work in Switzerland and the schedule, both where the trains are located and when they depart, down to the minute. I only had 3 extra days to stay in Switzerland and Cassie helped me plan my days to meet my tight schedule.

I went from being completely stressed and overwhelmed before talking to Cassie to feeling completely secure and stress free after Cassie helped me plan my trip. I knew exactly where I would stay, where I would go each day, and most importantly, a schedule with my day planned. I had a great time in Switzerland and everything that was recommended to me is something I would recommend to others. I would fully recommend Cassie to anyone looking to travel to Europe. She is well traveled herself, very knowledgeable, extremely friendly and helpful and responded to all my requests much quicker (and in much more detail) than I expected.. She took all the stress out of planning a trip and allowed me to enjoy my time in Switzerland. I will be using Cassie to book all future travel!

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